Monday, March 25, 2013

Driving Ms. Blue Babuska - Blue Monday

It seems they took a drive on Sunday afternoon, Ms. Blue Babuska and the Asp.  She was suffering withdrawals from not having visited her favorite "thrifting" spot in several weeks.  So Asp agreed to drive her to the city where she collected many unique items which included single earrings, blue velvet trim, an exquisite blue Easter egg, a blue trinket box, and a blue sequined star.  She was so very happy to have found so many beautiful items to repurpose.  The car was full of treasures so Ms. Babuska was forced to ride in the front seat with Asp for the return trip to the country. He was so happy!
  Later that day she sifted through her recent stash and began creating mixed media collages and jewelry.

To see more devine blue things just click HEREHappy Blue Monday y'all!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Painting Over - WOYWW

Painting Over or Over Painting

My work desk is overflowing with  beads, thread, sari cloth and found objects from the past few weeks of creating for the fabulous show at Frills in Taylor last night.  Which, I might add, was a huge success!  So many of our friends, new and old, came out to peruse our goods and party with us.

Now my work desk is full of paper, gesso and gel medium.  I am implementing a technique I learned on line from the fabulous Sharon HERE to see her blog and all the great classes she offers.

I'm just getting started on this one so I will give you a sneak peek of the first two processes.
First you clip or tear images from magazines..mine should have overlapped more...oh well....then you glue them down on your substrate with gel medium.  Let this dry and then paint over with a diluted mix of water and gesso. You want to camouflage as much as possible because of copyright laws!!!

As you can see,,,this is a work in progress and you will have to stay tuned to see the finished product.
In the meantime,,,hop on over to see what others are doing around the world and what they have on their work desks HERE !

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mixed Media Card Cases - WOYWW

Glue, paper, repurposed jewelry...all flying around the studio and on my work desk on this bright and sunny day in Central Texas!  Why you might ask?  Big show coming up at my favorite boutique here in town called Frills! I'll be exhibiting the above mixed media card cases as well as my repurposed mint tin pendants and some of my mixed media art pieces. Two of my partners in crime will be joining me! (More to come)  In the meantime, czech out what others around the world have on their work desks by clicking HERE!