Monday, April 29, 2013

Texas Coast-Life is Good - Blue Monday

The sun is trying to peek through the clouds this morning here in Central Texas!  I'm having my eyes dialated and examined today so I hope it doesn't shine too brightly! Ouch!

Another photo of a collaborative effort by the Beach Artists on our recent retreat to the Texas Coast.  The name of the beach house where we stayed was "Life is Good"! So, we created a collage to leave there for others to enjoy when they stay at the house!
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Texas Coast Art Retreat - WOYWW 203

Good morning ALL! It's a chilly spring day in Central Texas with the wind blowing from the north! Yesterday we had sunny skies and 80 degrees!  Gotta love me some Texas!
Here's what's on my work desk today!
 Last week I returned from a fabulous art retreat with friends.  We traveled to the Texas Coast where we also had some blustery winds but nice sunshine.  Below you will see a few fun pics of our adventures. We created art journals, beach bracelets, combed the beach and ate some delicious food!  Oh my goodness,,,these gals are so much fun to hang around with!  You can call us, Sister Pat, Sassy, Queen Mary, Princess Ann, Spring Chick and Fern!

And the wind blew and blew! Sassy taught us some creative art journaling techniques!
A page from my journal! 

 Sister Pat taught us how to make beach bracelets from beverage koozies cut in rings.To see more of these fab bracelets go to Sister Pat's blog

Artists hard at work at the kitchen work table. (You will see the koozies already cut up into rings for bracelets.)
More pages from my unfinished journal!  The shell and bucket images came from a beautiful napkin.The "fencing" is a piece of burlap! My plan is to add some photos later.
Abandoned beach house (not where we stayed, thank goodness) claimed by the sea!  Pretty creepy.  See the scarf flying from the railing?  Damsel in distress?

Queen Mary shared yoga knowledge, Princess Ann shared her birding and travel adventures, and Spring Chick shared her photography/camera tips!  And Fern, aka yours truly,,,,well,, Fern made a failed attempt to show the group how to make a beaded wrap beach bracelet. More on that later!
And a great time was had by all!
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In the meantime, have a wonderful week and keep creating! Yeah!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Paint Over - WOYWW 201

Happy Wednesday y'all! This is what's going on this cloudy, cool (come on rain) day in Central Texas. You might remember a couple of weeks ago I shared the beginning of a paint over project. Today I added a few touches and will show you the work in progress. As you can see....not much progress has been made on this creation. I have had some fabulous distractions though!
I'm thinking the scrubbed area of red on her head should develop into some type of turban or bird or flowers! What do you think?
Meanwhile back at the ranch...Fritz and Frieda have been having a grand old time riding around in the pasture looking at the wildlife, watching hawks and Mexican buzzards/eagles, and enjoying spring time in Texas. Everything is turning GREEN! YES!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Junkin' in Texas - WOYWW - Wednesday 200

Nothin' better than junkin' in Texas on a sunny spring day and finding lots of junky beads and broken jewelry to recycle or upcycle! Now that's what I call livin'!  Got to travel with some of my fellow junkers last Friday to Warrenton, Tx!  Our first stop was at County Line corner where our friend, Farita, always has trays of broken and junk jewelry for us to paw through.  We can fill a zip lock bag for $5!  And we did just that!  WOW!

So, my friends, that is what is on my work desk this murky, dreary, rainy Wednesday in Central Texas! (Although we certainly welcome the much needed rain, since the drought is about to kill us down here!) here is a peek at a portion of my work desk (April's my computer desk...I'm still not brave enough to show you my REAL work desk.)

 Lucious junk beads and broken jewelry!  YES!

 My colorful stash of silk sari remnants to use  with my new junk beads in making my wrap bracelets! Can't wait to get started!

More cool stuff at Warrenton!
This booth in Warrenton called "Stash"  was so darling and decorated so uniquely.  The young couple was from Cleveland, Ohio!
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