Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pink Inspiration

Picking and stirring through things in the studio produced this array of pinkness (if there is such a word) with which to create something unique. Perhaps it will be a mixed media collage using the pencil sketch or maybe it will be an mint tin pendant using the beads and vintage bracelet.  One thing is sure, I will certainly be using the paint brush on this project since I almost always slather gel medium and paint on my substrate!  And my clothes for that matter!  To see more pinkness click HERE .

Monday, October 24, 2011

What's Behind More Blue Doors? Blue Monday

O.K. friends...what do you think is behind these blue screen doors?  I'm a little afraid of what might be behind the first one.  There appears to be a hunting weapon of some kind propped up right next to the door.  I wonder if evil lurks within.  Perhaps some kind of lunatic lives there who comes out only at night, grabs his gun and takes off in the woods when the moon is full.  And I think he has very long fingernails too because one evening he was locked out and tore the screen trying to get back in.  And the behind the second door, there probably lives a kindly little Czech grandmother who bakes kolaches for all the little neighborhood children.  To see more Blue Monday goodies please pop by Smiling Sally's Blog HERE!  Enjoy!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bras for the Cause - "The Girls"

A couple of weeks ago my dear friend, Mary Linda Hays hosted a breast cancer awareness event at her fabulous shop called Frills.  (You can find Frills on Facebook)! I was one of the locals who accepted the challenge to create a special bra to be displayed and auctioned off at "Bras for the Cause."  Proceeds from the auction benefit our local Relay for Life.  What an exciting evening we all had.  My bra, titled "The Girls" was modeled by Mary Linda's husband and my childhood friend, Harlan. He did a bang-up job presenting my bra and that of fellow artist, Karen Burges.  "The Girls" took the prize for "Best Themed Bra."  Yea!  A big thank you to Mary Linda and her great staff for a special evening for a great cause.  Think Pink this month and take care of yourselves girlfriends.  See more interesting and yummy pink things HERE.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pink Saturday - Happy Day and More from Warrenton, Texas

There is just soooo much to see at Round Top/Warrenton.  I really enjoyed seeing these panels that came from a vintage carrousel in France.  Would have been lots of fun to ride on that one for sure. And the iron or tin roses were pretty cute as well.  See more pink goodies Here  at How Sweet the Sound!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

On the Road to Round Top/Warrenton, Texas

The battery died in my camera just as I began to find pink things to take pictures I had to take this one with my phone!  Wish I could be on the road again to Round Top.  Boy, did we have a great time!  This cute trailer was parked by the fabulous booth situated in a little weathered garage not far from the Junk Gypsy booth near Zapp Hall! See more pink things HERE