Sunday, August 21, 2016

Repost of Rust

Reposting this photo of rusted things because I've rekindled my interest in rusting fabric!  It's like Christmas when you open the fabric and see the rusty images transferred from the rusty junk.
Happy Sunday!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Petrified Wood Structures in Texas

What fun to take a road trip with friends and happen upon a couple of fabulous structures built of colorful bricks and petrified wood!

The first building was located west of Waco, Texas in a very small town called (not Coyote) Koyote!  We were told it was once a service station!

Glen Rose, Texas was the location of the second building!  Love the rock work and the chimney!  Wish I could see a photo of why it looked like back in the day!!!   Glen Rose is the town where you can find the famous dinosaur tracks!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Footsteps in Cartagena, Colombia

Stock pile of sea glass on the island of Tierra Bomba! Just across the sea from Cartagena!  Brought home a huge 5 lb. bag of treasures!  Jewelry in the making!

This "foot" photo was taken at what I call
"Love in the Time of Cholera" house!  Very interesting place...although a little spooky!

Rosario Islands!
More Rosario Islands!  And more posts and pics to come!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Repurposed Chair

What fun I had repurposing this neat chair found at a recent estate sale.  I accented it with burlap, vintage crocheted doilies, burlap roses and bits of vintage jewelry!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rusting Fabric/Collage - WOYWW #231

No, these are not steaks cooking on the grill, but rather rusted things being used to rust fabric!  I use a concoction of vinegar and salt, rusted objects (in this case a horse shoe, piece of rusted iron, spark plug and a rusted hinge...along with bottle caps and whatever I can find).  Canvas or cotton ducking is dampened and then added to a plastic bag with the concoction.  After leaving the bag outside for about a week the fabric should be ready to dry in the sun and use in my art!

Aren't they beautiful!  It's kinda like Christmas when opening the bag to find the wonderful patterns of rust on the fabric!  Be sure to add the vinegar or your fabric will grow mold spores!! Like this!

Or some might call these mildew spots!  In any case,,,they too add some great patterns to the fabric!
Here are a couple of examples of how I use my rusted fabric in mixed media fabric collage!

Sooo, this is what's on my workdesk today!  What about you?  To see more of what others are doing around the world just click the link
Because blogger won't allow me to do it any other way!  :(

Have a great Wednesday y'all!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WOYWW 230 - Wrap Bracelets and Halloween

Good morning here in rainy Central Texas!  So blessed to be getting some moisture in our area.  Working on some sari wrap bracelets and thinking about Halloween!
These are made with scraps of sari cloth cut into ribbons. Usually the focal point is a handmade ceramic ornament fired in my kiln! A variety of beads are also added as embellishment!

This scary illustration came from a vintage children's book titled "Chatterbox" published in 1896! Probably scared some poor child at bedtime no doubt!
To see more of what others are doing around the world just go to and see Julia's blog!
One more pic.  This one is of what remains in our summer garden....delicious peppers of all varieties.  The plants suffered from the scorching heat but have really thrived during our cool Fall days.

Have a great Wednesday y'all!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WOYWW Faces and Birds

Hello everyone!  Just a quick note to let you know I actually do have a few things on my work desk today!  I'm working on some fun faces and some very fun little birds to use in my art.  The little birds are painted on sheet music and will be used to enhance some happy little greeting cards.
I used a nice little scalloped punch to cut the ovals from the sheet music.

Guess what I used as the kraft colored backing for the oval?  The cup holder thing from Starbucks!

This little lady was started while on our trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Those acres and acres of huge sunflowers inspired me.

And galivanting around up north was lots of fun.

And Mt. Rushmore with DH was lots and lots of fun.  Very interesting monument....Crazy Horse memorial was equally was astounding!

To see more of what others are doing around the globe....just visit Julia at