Sunday, May 22, 2011

Preparing for Fabric Collage

As you can see I actually did create some velvet leaves to go along with my cheesecloth roses. Yesterday I happened upon a great yard sale and bought a vintage, albeit, plastic sewing box, sans vintage package of sewing needles. The lady who checked out before me grabbed the quaintly illustrated package of needles. Never the less, the sewing box was a great find since it did contain a chrome tatting shuttle AND a great pair of pinking shears! I immediately put those little shears to good use and cut my leaves from some velvet from my special stash. After handpainting the veins with gold acrylic paint, I decided they will do just fine in my next fabric creation.

Now, as for the pieces of fabric you see laying on the scrubs....they just got a good soaking in coffee to stain them and now they are drying in the hot Texas sun!

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