Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fine Rusty Junk!

WOYWW! Today I was the lucky recipient of some fine rusty junk!  My friends invited me to come pick through a box of things they left on their carport for me.  What fun I had looking through all the stuff they discarded.  Thank you Jackie and Harold!  I can't wait to create something new with this fine junk.  Hey, who can find the animal teeth or the crystal prism? Czech out  WOYWW see what others are working on today.


  1. Now, I really am looking forward to seeing what you create out of that lot! I wouldn't know where to start, you obviously have vision!! x

  2. Lucky you...always fun to have other peoples Junk!!! Hope to see what fine things you do with it..Enjoy

  3. Fine and rusty indeed - they will look fabulous...hope to see more soon...!
    Thanks for the peek
    Sarah at 4

  4. Fine Rusty Junk indeed, have fun with it!

  5. just my kind of 'stuff'!!

    barbara jean