Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rusting Fabric/Collage - WOYWW #231

No, these are not steaks cooking on the grill, but rather rusted things being used to rust fabric!  I use a concoction of vinegar and salt, rusted objects (in this case a horse shoe, piece of rusted iron, spark plug and a rusted hinge...along with bottle caps and whatever I can find).  Canvas or cotton ducking is dampened and then added to a plastic bag with the concoction.  After leaving the bag outside for about a week the fabric should be ready to dry in the sun and use in my art!

Aren't they beautiful!  It's kinda like Christmas when opening the bag to find the wonderful patterns of rust on the fabric!  Be sure to add the vinegar or your fabric will grow mold spores!! Like this!

Or some might call these mildew spots!  In any case,,,they too add some great patterns to the fabric!
Here are a couple of examples of how I use my rusted fabric in mixed media fabric collage!

Sooo, this is what's on my workdesk today!  What about you?  To see more of what others are doing around the world just click the link
Because blogger won't allow me to do it any other way!  :(

Have a great Wednesday y'all!


  1. wow that's really cool...rusty fabric...the things I learn on these visits will remain with me and my craft. Thanks for sharing. Carole #72

  2. Love your collage work. Happy WOYWW Anne x #63

  3. I honestly thought that the first shot was of something burned on the BBQ!! But doesn't the rust transfer well to the looks amazing on your vintage mixed media works. Clever you!!
    Hugs, LLJ 58 xx

  4. Amazing collage, I love the rusty looking fabric, that's so cool!!!
    Have a crafty week, take care & Hugs
    Ann xx #104

  5. Oh that's too cool! I have heard of rusting fabric although never knew how it was done. Thank you for sharing that. I love the "add vinegar" explanation. Mold would look pretty interesting I'm sure, just a little gross. Your creations are beautiful too! Have a Wonderful WOYWW week! Rasz #102

  6. That is just soooooooooooooooooo neat! I learn so much on this WOYWW! Beautiful Beautiful colleges!

    Hugs! robin 99

  7. Oooh I love rusty fabrics, they always look so fabulous and your finished example is lovely!! Annette #14

  8. I love these two collages. You always have so many good ideas.