Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WOYWW 230 - Wrap Bracelets and Halloween

Good morning here in rainy Central Texas!  So blessed to be getting some moisture in our area.  Working on some sari wrap bracelets and thinking about Halloween!
These are made with scraps of sari cloth cut into ribbons. Usually the focal point is a handmade ceramic ornament fired in my kiln! A variety of beads are also added as embellishment!

This scary illustration came from a vintage children's book titled "Chatterbox" published in 1896! Probably scared some poor child at bedtime no doubt!
To see more of what others are doing around the world just go to and see Julia's blog!
One more pic.  This one is of what remains in our summer garden....delicious peppers of all varieties.  The plants suffered from the scorching heat but have really thrived during our cool Fall days.

Have a great Wednesday y'all!


  1. Your wrap bracelet are lovely, but you're right, that illustration is really scary! :::shudder:::

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #3

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog! I do like your bracelets, they're very unique and the little embellishments are very cool.

    Those peppers do look yummy!

  3. Fabulous wrap bracelets, I love the embellishments, I bet you enjoy designing them. Thank you for your visit today. Have a fun week and a Happy Halloween. MMx #41

  4. great looking bracelets ! Scary those Victorians !! Ali #28

  5. fab looking bracelets, thanks for sharing Donna #32

  6. Hi Dix! Thank you for visiting me earlier today. I just love your bracelets. They are so pretty and look so soft. I agree with you on the bedtime story and most children's rhymes back then were pretty scary too. We just got some rain out here too and it is so nice. Have a great WOYWW week. Rasz #86

  7. The sari wrap bracelets are awesome - such a brilliant idea :-) Great looking peppers... I'll be right round with the Feta cheese then shall I ??!!! :-D



    IKE in Greece #63 xxxx

  8. Hi, sorry I'm late :-) your wrap bracelets are absolutely adorable, I love them. The colors are gorgeous and the embellishments are very awesome too. Never seen such a thing, wow. The girl in the puc doesn't seem too scared in my opinion ... looks like she's told to eat all that's on her plate. It's interesting that the teeth/fangs seem to grow from the lower jaw. Yes, Winter is defonitely around the corner, pity. anyway :-) have a great week and thanks for showing. Suzanne

  9. I have never seen wrap bracelets. Very pretty.
    Thanks for stopping by. WOYWW #85