Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Junk Drunk in Round Top/Warrenton, Texas!

Exciting trip to Round Top/Warrenton recently! We found some cool things, as usual! Take a peek at some of the stuff that made us "junk drunk"!  Clever  entrance to a tent in the Zapp Hall area of Warrenton. Burlap is definitely the decorator item of the moment!
Of course, I love mermaids so I had to snap this lovely sea nymph.

Is this not the coziest sitting area for the vendor at her darling pink trailer/booth?  Francine and Frieda could surely enjoy a glass of pink champagne around that little table!
More to come...didn't get enough...returning to get "junk drunk" at least one more time.  Tune in next time for more pics from Warrenton.

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