Monday, June 18, 2012

Blue Monday - Big Blue West Texas Skies

Happy Blue Monday folks!  Today I decided to share a few more pictures from my fabulous trip to the mountains and desert of West Texas south of Marfa. The skies in Texas are big and bright but even bigger and brighter in West Texas. Traveling down the gravel road by 4-wheel drive vehicle, we came upon this abandoned "milk truck"!  Perhaps vacated by "Creepy Clem" and his gang many years ago. Once again the artists jump out to take pictures all the while mindful of the danger that might lurk in and around the forboding truck! Check out the verbiage on the side of the truck!!!  Yikes!  What could that mean?

The name of our room!
We stayed in these cool adobe type buildings.  Ours had a greenish-blue door!

Cool early morning shadows of three artists posing!

One always wants to wear boots when out hiking in the desert.  You might come upon a rattlesnake warming up for the day like we did early one morning while exploring around the creek bed.  He was served up on the grill that evening, his skin and rattles destined for some wonderful artistic creations.  Hope you enjoyed a peek at what my art retreat was all about!
(sketches to follow in another post.)
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  1. Rattlesnake? Um, no thanks, Dix. I'll just stay inside. LOL Thanks for sharing your big Texas blue sky.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. Everything seems to look better basking under big, blue the adobe buildings you posted. So rustic and warm...and inviting.

  3. You should have taken pics of that rattler!

    1. My friend indeed did...perhaps I'll borrow her pic. In the meantime you can see it on another friend's blog...
      thanks for the suggestion!

  4. We will be in the desert in Colorado next week visiting grandson. That abandoned milk truck has a story to tell I'm sure--landing where it did.


  5. great skies and love the old van :) thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again, may be at *ein stück himmel - a piece of heaven* :)

  6. What great photos! All are so interesting.