Monday, August 20, 2012

Tatting on this Blue Monday

Happy Blue Monday to all!  I am sharing another photo of some fabulous tatting done by my late mother-in-law!  She was so multi talented and tatting is only one of the "crafts" she did very well.  She tried to teach me,,,but I just couldn't get the hang of it.  I blamed it on the fact that she was left handed and I am right handed! lol  However, I did manage to learn enough to use my little bits of tatting to embellish note cards that I made by the hundreds a hundred years ago!!! (More on the cards at a later time)!  The tatting thread, shuttles, and snippets of lace were inherited from her fine collection.
She made the most beautiful doilies you've ever seen!  So, dear friends, if you happen across a tatted doily at an estate sale or thrift shop you should snag it! And remember how many hours it must have taken to create it.  Tatting is probably almost a lost art!!!   To see more Blue Monday things click HERE and see what's going on at Smiling Sally's blog! 


  1. You are right; it is becoming a lost art. My husband's grandmother used to create beautiful items all day, but she's been gone for quite awhile. I love your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Dix!

  2. I never heard of tatting. Is it the same as crochet?


  3. I am with MMT, I can't do that as well. Nice shot.

    Visiting from Blue Monday. Please come and see my BLUE post when you get a chance, thank you!