Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thrifting Treasure - Pink Saturday

Look at my latest thrifting treasure!  This pink beauty was just sitting there at my favorite "junk" place in a clear dry cleaner's bag waiting for me to add it to my cart!  It is in near mint condition and will be so perfect for the little darlings to wear to their next make-believe soiree! 

Thought I'd also share a peek at one more of my handmade cards. The idea was fetched from Pinterest! You just make a little template shaped like a little dress and cut it from a paper doily!  The little flower at the top of the dress is a little piece of tatting I did several years ago.
Check back next week for more about tatting. 
In the meantime,,,check out Beverly's blog HERE and see all the wonderful blogs pertaining to pink!  Have a great weekend!  I sure plan to!


  1. Came over from Pink Saturday to see that beautiful pink dress. I love your card. I wish I had learned to tat form my granny!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  2. Lovely dress, the pink is just the dreamiest color. Beautiful card, wow the tatting is so neat.

  3. WOW! I'm so glad you visited my blog because I just LOVE everything about yours! :) I would feel like a princess in that pink dress. AND I have always loved paper crafts, and mixed media artwork and collage! One of these days I'm going to retire and do nothing but art!! lol
    I am definately coming back to visit again!
    Happy Pink Saturday to you, my friend

  4. Oh my, I love the dress and I LOVE the card. I'm crazy for paper so I am delighted to be blogging neighbors.
    Looking forward to visiting.
    Glad you liked the music and your visit to the shop. ;)
    Happy pinks!

  5. Would love to know how you arrived at your blog title. I love creativity.

    1. Thanks for asking! Guess I should explain in my profile! lol
      I'm of Czech decent and have always been intrigued by the vagabond life style of gypsies! Love vintage photos of gypsies as well! dix---