Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tooled Leather Art Box - WOYWW

WOYWW=What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday! This cool tooled leather brief case came to me via my dear and long-time friend Ann from Waco, Texas!  It even bears two of my initials! Woo Hoo! We unearthed it while clearing out her sweet father's storage shed.  He was a famous shoe repairman and we figure someone brought it to him for repair since the latches were sort of damaged.

 I was so excited when my friend told me I could take it home with me .At one time it might have carried important documents for a Texas attorney. I can see him now, in his stetson hat and handmade boots walking the halls of the McLennan County Courthouse! The year is 1965 and he smells of English Leather!
  But now my fabulous art box travels with ME to exotic places like the Chihauhuan Desert of Texas and holds my pencils, pastels and sketch books quite well!
So what's on my workdesk you ask? 

Sketches from my trip back in June to Marfa, Texas and the remote areas south of there are in my handy art box/workdesk.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks these sketches will develop into finished creations to be exhibited at my local Artist Guild show in September!  The title of the show will be "Chinati" and will feature the works of my fellow artists....all of us inspired on our wonderful retreat to the mountains, desert and Chinati Hot Springs Resort!
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  1. Happy WOYWW!!!... that is a very nice brief case... oOhhh the possibilities...
    #126 Riya

  2. That old case makes me quite teary for some fab that it has a chance of a second life with you!! Enjoy :)
    Hugs, LLJ #72 xx

  3. Wonderful case and lucky you for being able to take it home. Beautiful sketch, hope you have a lovely woyww.
    Sandra @32

  4. That's a lovely old case you have and I love those paintings too, especially the first one.

    Brenda 5

  5. That is an amazing find. You are so lucky.
    Love your sketches.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #116

  6. Desert and mountains, wow what a country - what a State! I agree about your beautiful tooled case, it must have been used and carried with even more pride than yours at being the next owner!

  7. ohhh so jealous that box is divine! Happy belated WOYWW.

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